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User pglenn
Size 25g Planted
Date Started 01/07/2012
Lighting 30w (eclipse-2 hood, filter removed)
Equipment whisper-60 filter
CO2 DIY - 2x2liter and hagen ladder diffuser. also add Flourish Excel
Substrate 55oz First Layer Pure Laterite. Then covered and partially mixed with 5lbs semi-fine white gravel. Topped with ~20lbs marine sand (NOT live sand)
Fertilization 3 Seachem Flourish Tabs
Plants java fern (1 very large on left, several small on right) several stalks of crypto (forget the type) dwarf sagittaria Ludwigia SP. 'Red' Hygrophila Bold Bacopa Lanigera hyptis lorentziana anubias nana petite Ludwigia repens Hydrocotyle leucocephala
Inhabitants 2 dwarf orange crayfish and 5 snowball shrimp. 2 juvenile Orange Spotted Sunfish, 3 juvenile Flagfish, and 5 Least KilliFish (will be removed as sunfish grow). 50 ramshorns snails were also added
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Nice driftwood. The white sand really compliments it.
Steve N
Algae Grower
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Thought those were flagfish! The sunfish eventually remove those killifish for you :) That diftwood on the right us kinda creepy, it looks like a cephalopod.
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very nice tank.
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