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User EnigmaticGuppy92
Size 37 Gallon 48x12x15
Date Started 18/01/12
Lighting 2 24w 10000k T5 with T5HO GLO Ballast
Equipment 800L/PH All Pond Solutions Internal Filter Heater Superfish Air Pump
CO2 DIY Yeast Mixture 2 Litre Bottle Home Made Bubble Counter Linked To Venturi Outlet On Filter As Diffuser
Substrate 2mm Black Gravel Primed With Root Tabs Capped With Kiln Dried Sand
Parameters Ammonia 0 Nitrate 10ppm Nitrite 0
Fertilization Root tabs in substrate
Plants Eleocharis Parvulus EchinodorusTennellus Sagittaria Natans Hydrilla Verticillata Cryptocoryne Wendtii Echinodorus Latifolius Bacopa Monnerii Vallisneria tortifolia Aponogetum Crispus Cryptocoryne Ciliata Hygrophilia Polysperma Rotalla Indica Ludwigia Mullertii Vallisneria Spiralis Ludwigia Natans Mayaca Fluviatilas Rotala Macranda Echinodorus Paniculatus Eleocharis Vivipara Cabomba Caroliniana Elodea Densa Nymphea Stellata Salvinia Auriculata
Inhabitants Guppies, Mollies, Platies, Golden sucking loach, Goldfish, Guppy Fry
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I even love the tank itself. What kind of tank is it?
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