DaMarvellousOne 30L (7.9 Gallon) - Your Tanks
User DaMarvellousOne
Size 30L (7.9 Gallon)
Date Started 04/01/2012
Lighting 13 Watt Daylight Compact Fluorescent Light
Equipment 1 x Internal Filter, 1 x 50 Watt Nano Heater, 1 x Thermometer
CO2 None
Substrate Aquatic sand
Parameters Ph 6.4, Gh 6d, Kh 4d
Fertilization Liquid fertilizer added every two weeks
Plants Bacopa Australis, Cabomba caroliniana, Ludwigia brevipes, Spiky/Peacock Moss, Tonina sp. fluviatilis, Jungle Val, Anubias barteri 'Nana'
Inhabitants 8 x Cardinals, 8 x Emperor Tetras, 1 x Coolie Loach, 1 x Peppered Cory
Comments This little tank sits on my bedside table and makes perfect viewing when dosing of to sleep :)
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