celticmiss 20 gal - Your Tanks
User celticmiss
Size 20 gal
Date Started 3/22/2009
Lighting just change to 2x 14w T5 one week ago from single 18w T8
Equipment penquin hob 200 gph
CO2 excell
Substrate gravel ...2 driftwood
Fertilization excell, florish, florish iron
Plants amazon swords, java fern, java moss, annabis, ? stem plants, 2 crypts, moss ball.. planted 3/2011..before that just plastic
Inhabitants 3 corys, 3 long fin danios, 3 cherry barbs, 2 harlequin rasbaros, 3 endlers, 2 otos, 6 assasin snails
Comments just did a major rescape and stirred up a bunch, did gunk vacumm on 1/3 of tank where plants pulled up so it is still a little cloudy.
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