jaidexl 65g - Your Tanks
User jaidexl
Size 65g
Date Started 4/07
Lighting 192w 67k pc
Equipment canister
CO2 Injected
Substrate SMS over Eco / sand path
Parameters 3dKH 6dGH
Fertilization dry NPK-Plantex
Plants varies
Inhabitants GMVT angelfish, false julii, albino cory, A. regani? from Lauralee
Comments http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/tank-journals-photo-album/45453-end-era-flooded-forest-journal.html
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Carla G
Junior Member
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Great job of aquascaping. You have successfully resisted the temptation to cram every plant you can find into the tank. The big piece of driftwood gives it a wild jungle like feeling. The narrowing path gives the illusion of depth. Nice job!
Planted Tank Guru
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Thanks, Carla. You're very kind.
Robert H
Planted Tank Guru
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Which photo is the re-do? I think the smaller photo is the more interesting looking aquascape. If it is still going I would like to see how how grows. People change aquascapes often before they mature.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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It really looks great, both technically & artistically. I would like to see more & bigger pics, with different angles before I cast a vote.
Wannabe Guru
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Amazing tank. I love everything about it (: Great job.
Planted Tank Guru
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Thanks for all the comments :) RH: Yes, I'm guilty of hasty changes, that smaller (first) scape got severely overgrown during a bout of thick GW. I never gave it a chance afterward, started mixing plants and placement. One day I hope to be able to set a scape in stone from the get-go. I should give that old scape a retry one of these days, added to a few new tricks and species I've picked up.
Algae Grower
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beautiful tank with an effective composition of hardscape and plants...great job!
Planted Tank Guru
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Very nice with open space complimenting the woodwork and javas. It caught my eye!
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Oh, I didn't realize that I stole your tank name
Planted Member
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I love your design! My current tank (90 gallon) is set up with plastic at the moment. I do have a huge piece of Malaysian driftwood and I envisioned something like this in my tank fully planted. I love the mixture of sand, rocks and dark giving it the effect of a jungle river with lush green banks. Great job!!
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