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User Joefish4jc
Size 55 Gal
Date Started fall of 08
Lighting three bulb T5HO: 6700k bulb(with high blue spectrum for vegetative growth), and rose colored plant bulb for flowering growth, and 10,000k daylight bulb. Photoperiod: 3 hrs on with 6700k, rose colored 2 hrs off 6 hrs on with 6700k, rose colored 10,000k only for extra bursts or to get better color from plants.
Equipment 150watt heater, Eheim 2217, hydro in tank filter used as a CO2 diffuser and powerhead.
CO2 10lb tank, with Milwaukee regulator
Substrate 2.5 bags of flourite, small river stone, a few cups of playsand(leftover from previous substrate) large river stones that were used as decorative items.
Fertilization Micro & Macro (no dosing schedule right now), excel, flourish
Plants right now mainly amazon sword (mother plant and lots of babies), ludwigia, ozelot sword, another sword (Needs ID), Tiger Lotus (green), some valls that are barely holding on thanks to my old pleco, and a couple apons, some java ferns from my first low tech setup.
Inhabitants 2x moonlight gouramis, 1 african brown knife, 1 black-skirt tetra.
Comments About to re-scape so all will change...again.
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