Jayme 10 gallons - Your Tanks
User Jayme
Size 10 gallons
Date Started 1/11/2012
Lighting Beamworks 18" - 22" Freshwater Bright LED, 54 LEDs (51x 6500K LEDs, 3x Actinic 460nm LEDs), Super energy efficient .06 watt LEDs, 300 Lumen
Equipment 10 gallon Metaframe I found in my parent's garage, Aqueon Quietflow 20 HOB filter
Substrate Caribsea Tahitian Moon Black Sand
Plants Marimo moss balls, Java moss, Banana plants, Dwarf hairgrass, Myriophyllum simulans(?), Cryptocoryne petchii(?)
Inhabitants RCS
Comments No background since it is viewed from the back sometimes also.
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