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User biogenetic40379
Size 15g
Date Started 14DEC2011
Lighting Was using a worthless Marineland LED Hood. Swapped over to 2 clamp on lights running 1 18w bulb (CFL, 6500k) each.
Equipment Aquaclear 30, aquaon pro 50w heater, old school tetra air pump
CO2 None planned yet. May do CO2, but i have never played with it before
Substrate Using a black aquarium sand from the local fish store
Fertilization Got a little bit of the tetra flourish, dunno if its safe with shrimp
Plants 2 different crypt's, 3 java ferns, java moss
Inhabitants 30 Red cherry shrimp 3 oto catfish and roughly 3-6 baby zebra daino (red glofish)
Comments I have gone through three upgrades/phases now. The latest setup is the tank pic
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