rschreibman 7.9 Fluval Flora (background removed) - Your Tanks
User rschreibman
Size 7.9 Fluval Flora (background removed)
Date Started December 2011
Lighting 2 x 13W 6,400K Compact Fluorescent Lighting System
Equipment Fluval Nano Internal Filter
CO2 Fluval Mini Pressurized CO2 System
Substrate -3L Aqua Soil Amazonia New (Powder Type) -Heavy in Driftwood to lower P.H.
Fertilization None Yet
Plants Narrow Leaf Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis Mauritiana) Brazilian Micro Sword (Lilaeopsis brasiliensis) Jade Hormanii Uruguayensis Sword Plant (Echinodorus Uruguayensis v. "green") Sagittaria Subulata (Dwarf Sagittaria) Sword, Rosette (Parviflorus parviflorus 'Tropica') Java Moss (Vesicularia dubyana) - tied to various spots on driftwood and trimmed regularly -
Inhabitants 2 x Otocinclus 10 x Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi) 3 x Pygmy Corydoras (Corydoras pygmaeus) - to be added later - 8-10 x Black Neon Tetra (Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi) - to be switched with Neons soon -
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