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User DaveFish
Size 55 gallon My first ever planted tank. Enjoy.
Date Started 07/2011
Lighting 140watts T-8 2x-6,500k 2x-10,000k
Equipment Rio powerheads, Fluval 304 canister, Jager-Eheim 200w heat, 10 gallon tank with pump for water changes. Custom made canopy and stand from knotted-Alder wood.
CO2 Pressurized 5lb CO2, AquaTek regulator, glass diffuser.
Substrate Play sand filtered with hydrochloric acid. Malaysian driftwood with flame moss attached.
Parameters 7pH 8GH 6KH, 79 degrees F, lights on for 10hrs a day.
Fertilization EI dosing Method. Seachem comprehensive/ 108g/500ml- KNO3 Solution. Tap water RO mix.
Plants Vallisneria gigantea, Hygrophila corymbosa,Hygrophila angustifolia,Rotala indica, Bacopa carolinia, Ludwigia repens, Anacharis, Hair grass, Flame moss.
Inhabitants Harlequin Rasboras, Apistogramma cacatuoides, German blue rams, bushy nose pleco, feather fin catfish, Boesemani Rainbow. Amano Shrimp.
Comments This is my first ever planted tank. Having a lot of fun. Enjoy
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Junior Member
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Wow! nice tank good job in there!
Planted Member
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Thanks for the great compliment. I'm having a lot of fun thus far. The maintenance is twice that of my Tropheus tank. lol
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It's nice, I really like it
Planted Member
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Thanks, I have recently cut my lighting wattage in half, have gone back to using flourish excel instead of pressurized CO2 and now use my tap water which is very hard and alkaline instead of RO. You end up having a way more balanced setup with less algae blooms and no pH swings. I still dose the EI method and with my super hard water I am sure some of the dosing minerals instantly bond with the minerals in my water. Alkalinity also makes it harder for plants to assimilate minerals, but I haven't noticed any adverse effects. The plants do grow slower, but they do grow. Most of these species can easily be grown in such hard water. Dave.
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really nice tank!!

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