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User sns26
Size 57 gal
Date Started September 2011
Lighting DIY LED array: 27 Cree LEDs: a mix of cool white, royal blue, neutral white and warm white.
Equipment Eheim 2028 plumbed through the bottom of the tank, Hydor inline heater
CO2 Pressurized CO2 at 4-5 bps into an inline PVC reactor.
Substrate Aquasoil Amazonia
Parameters pH ~ 6.5, GH ~7, KH ~2, Temp 75.
Fertilization EI dosing, extra micros and iron.
Plants Java fern (needle-leaf and trident), anubias, glossostigma, rotala rotundifolia, ludwigia arcuata, fissidens, water sprite, HC.
Inhabitants Amano shrimp, rummynoses and espey's rasboras.
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Algae Grower
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love the bushy effect, good job :)
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Really spectacular. Love the needle leaf.
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I have a 40 gallon tank and am interested in LED DIY array... How many bulbs of what wattage do you think it will need? Any suggestions will be cool... your tank looks so awesome and i like how clear the water is with little mechanical filter interference.
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