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User medicineman
Size 240 g
Date Started 2006
Lighting DIY 3 x 150W 6500K MH 5hrs a day 4 x 36W 6000K T8 7 hrs a day
Equipment DIY Chiller 2x cooling fans Bulkhead overflow filter with sump
CO2 internal reactor 16 lb pressurized CO2 6-7 bps
Substrate 1-3mm Silica sand
Parameters kH: 3, gH: 4, 26C 15-30ppm NO3 0-1 PO4 15-40 K
Fertilization JBL aquabasis base fertilizer Self-made water collumn macro and micro ferts Self-made root tablets -40-60% weekly WC
Plants Assorted plants
Inhabitants Rummy nose tetra, Congo tetra, Roseline shark, Rainbow shark, Botia, Bronze corydoras, Rasbora heteromorpha, Rasbora hengeli, CAE, Ottocinclus, Cherry shrimp, Ghost shrimp.
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Algae Grower
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Wow, I love it. And grown in sand. I use sand too, it's so much easier to work with!
Wannabe Guru
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Amazing tank...good work
Algae Grower
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awesome tank, love the shadows :)
Junior Member
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i know ya you have posted pictures of plants in the profiles like red cabomba and water sprite your tank looks great!
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