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User leaa
Size 10 gal / 40L
Date Started June 2010
Lighting Single tube flourescent T8 15 watt
Equipment HOB filter, internal heater.
CO2 Excel daily
Substrate Small grade black gravel
Parameters Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 10ppm KH 3 GH 4
Fertilization Aquamaster Plant Food (liquid), dose 2x normal dose every 2nd day. NPK 2.6,0,5 with trace elements.
Plants anubias sp, lacefern, hornwort, enchinodorus tenellus, java fern 'windelov', regular java fern, dwarf anubias (nana?), Hemianthis micranthemoides, Hemianthus callichtroides 'cuba pearl grass'
Inhabitants 1 honey gourami, 5 cherry barbs, red cherry shrimp.
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Wow your tank is the same thing im going for! I find it amazing how you only use excel and teh standard lighting with gravel. Any tips how long did it take to become that full?
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That is a killer 10g!
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Thank you all kindly! Msouza, just fast growing plants ;). Lacefern and hornwort (hornwort esp) require regular trimming as they grow so fast, and the HM grows well too. I Started the HC as plugs, which fill in fast in s small space, and while some does lift (i think my cherry barbs pick at it!), it seems to also grow fast. I also dose liquid ferts every 2nd day, and just siphon water from the center column as the whole floor is planted, so most fish waste etc remains to help provide nutrition to the gravel and roots. Easy to clean when heavily planted ;).
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Wow! So gorgeous. Now I'm going to look up some of the plants you listed and see if I can find them nearby!
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....That's what I'm doing for my 10gal :D but ill have to use plants that don't need CO2 cause Reef tanks are my main focus (and I'm poor :/).
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amazing tank!!! I now have hope that I might be able to get mine to look like yours
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I love how lush it is! Beautiful tank.
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Great tank! IS your light fixture diy or did you buy it? 15 watt in 40 gallon does the job for low light plants after all....(plus co2 and ferts )of course
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