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User leaa
Size 15.5 gal / 60L
Date Started Roughly Oct 2007 (it was a 5g then though, kept upgrading!)
Lighting Single tube fluorescent, T8 18watt.
Equipment Internal powerhead filter and heater.
CO2 Excel daily
Substrate River stones
Parameters Ammonia: 0 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: <15ppm kH: 3 GH: 3-4
Fertilization Aquamaster Plant Food (liquid), dosed 2x dose every 2nd day. NPK 2.6,0,5 with trace elements.
Plants Amazon sword, ludwigia sp(?), hygro polysperma, cryptocoryne wendetii, java fern - all in pots with filter wool as root substrate, capped with stones.
Inhabitants 10 ember tetra, 3 trilineatus (three-line) corys, 4 panda corys, red ramshorn snails.
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Really nice. Looking at your uncomplicated set-up that produces such a fine tank is inspirational. River Gravel!!
Steve N
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Inspirational rock an potted plant...
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Thanks kindly all, this was the result of my first tank which evolved constantly after i learned what i was doing. The river rocks came from my garden as i was too cheap to buy proper substrate and thought it might look cool, and the pots are bondsai pots i bought to solve how i could keep live plants in here (once i went past my fake plastic plant stage...). I'm quite happy that it all turned out well!
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