leeteekyung 80x40x40cm - Your Tanks
User leeteekyung
Size 80x40x40cm
Date Started march 2011
Lighting 1x14watt
Equipment hanging filter, thermometer
CO2 none
Substrate black scoria
Parameters 25 - 27 celcius, thats what all i know
Fertilization liquid ferltz once per week, 8 tea spon
Plants difformis, E.tenellus, hydrilla, bacopa caroliana, hygro sunset, green hygro, dwarft amazon sword, java fern.
Inhabitants 3xangelfish, 9xneon tetra, 1xblack molly, red cherry shrimps and ghost shrimps
Comments in love with the angels
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Awsome tank for no co2 and low lighting !
Algae Grower
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thanks, its possible because the plants are undemanding
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Stunning - just goes to show how well low tech can go. Bravo... and what gorgeous angels!
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thanks leaa, with hygrophillia difformis, java fern, green hygro, sunset hygro, echinodorus tenellus, bacopa caroliana, you can also make a tank like me or even better than my, they are undemanding, just throw them into your tank and watch the result. love the angels? at here u can have 3 of them for just for U$ 1 hehe
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