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User DaMarvellousOne
Size 50 gals (us)
Date Started May 2011
Lighting One Power Glo T5 Fluorescent Bulb High Output 24w, One Life Glo T5 Fluorescent Bulb High Output 24w and One Blue LED light strip for great evening viewing
Equipment 1 x Eternal & 2 x Internal filters (Fluval 205 External Filter, Fluval U2 Filter 400LPH and Interpret Power Filter used with Spray Bar), Fluval Mirrored M Series Heater 200watt, Substrate Heating Cables and Two Air Stones
CO2 None
Substrate Aquarium sand
Parameters Ph 6.4, Gh 6d, Kh 4d
Fertilization Liquid fertilizer added weekly
Plants Jungle Val, Java Fern, Velvet Hyssop, Green Cabomba, Water Sprite, Anubias, Stargrass, Amazon Sword, Java Moss, Pantanal Bacopa
Inhabitants 3 Silver Sharks, 4 Cigar Sharks, 3 Upside down catfish, 3 Coolie loaches, 1 Spiny Eel, 3 Jubilee Corys, 2 Panda Corys, 3 Columbian Tetras, 10 Black Widows, 2 Checker Barbs, 2 Gold Barbs, 2 Borneo Suckers, 2 African Butterflyfish
Comments I'm pretty new to the planted aquarium arena though I've been keeping fish on and off for a while. I've always appreciated seeing a nicely planted aquarium and thought it was about time I got rid of the plastic plants and went for a more natural look. I'm proud to see the result of my initial efforts though I have much more to learn and experience.
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Your tank looks like a miniature jungle! Great homes for fishes!
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nice corner tank, the plants arrangment also good
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