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User Betowess
Size 65 gallon All Glass
Date Started April 2006
Lighting Coralife 65 watt. Now its a low light tank which looks different than this picture. I had a T5 4x39 watt with CO2 on this tank in this picture.
Equipment Auto Water Change Setup. Eheim 2128 Pro Thermofilter
CO2 CO2: 10 lb tank with regulator/clippard needlevalve/bubble counter with Aquamedic Reactor 1000
Substrate Flourite
Parameters Ph 6.3, KH~3, GH 5
Fertilization Auto with Aquarium Systems 606 pump for trace and macro except I manually dose PO4. Set for EI. Use Rex Grigg macro and Tropica,Seachem or CSM+B for traces
Plants E.stellata, Wendlov Java Fern, Crypt. balansae, L. arcuata L.repens, Mini riccia, Rotala sp. "mini", Rotala goias, Christmas moss,Crinum calemestratum, Cyperus helferi, a little Stargrass
Inhabitants 2 Apistogramma Borelli, Various Rasboras, Otos, 7 various Corys, 3 reticulated Hillstream loaches, Cherry and Amano Shrimp
Comments Manzanita branches from Manzanita
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