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User raunch
Size 10 gallon
Date Started December 5th 2011
Lighting Single strip light w/ plant and aquarium bulb 9-11 hours a day
Equipment HOB Filter Heater
CO2 Nope
Substrate Black sand
Parameters norms
Fertilization shrimp poo also I occasionally throw a tiny bit of flourish excel in there
Plants -Wisteria -Unknown (tall plant on the right behind javalog) Help me i.d. it :P -Java Moss on driftwood (which is doing excellent and bright green) -Aponogeton
Inhabitants -6 Red Cherry Shrimp ( one is about to have babies :3 ) -3 Crystal Red Shrimp -1 Ghost Shrimp
Comments I feed them Omega one tropical flakes and Omega one plant wafers. Temp is between 72-77 I used a fluval sponge (I think they sell them for fluval chi?) to fit over the intake of my hob filter so the shrimp wont get sucked in there.
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