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User 150EH
Size 2.5 gallon
Date Started 12-06-2011
Lighting Up! Aqua Pro LED F-17 with 27 x 8K LEDs & 3 x 420nm LEDs
Equipment Red Sea Nano HOB Filter
CO2 None
Substrate ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia
Parameters pH 6.8 - gH 113 ppm - kH 18 ppm - NO3 0
Fertilization 1 ml macro - 0.75 ml micro - 0.50 ml Fe I only dose on the first of each month
Plants Cryptocoryne affinis - Cryptocoryne Nurii - Cryptocoryne wendtii 'green gecko' - Fissidens fontanus 'mini' - Rotala rotundifolia - Subwassertang - Taxiphyllum sp. flame
Inhabitants Tangerine Tigers Tiawan Painted Fire Reds
Comments This has become my favorite tank because it is so easy to maintain and the shrimp are a blast to watch multiply.
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Prodigious Plant Pundit
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Love th simplicity and photog skills!
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