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User ihooklow
Size 29-gallon (30x12x18)
Date Started October 2006
Lighting 1x65W Coralife Aqualight x 9 hours. 6500K.
Equipment Rena XP1 Canister, Stealth 100W heater, Aquamagic Drop Checker
CO2 Pressurized, 1 bps, Rhinox 1000
Substrate Flourite, Seachem Plant Tabs
Fertilization Modified and monitored EI using GW ferts.
Plants L. arcuata, L. repens, P. gayi, H. corymbosa, H. corymbosa 'compact;, R. wallichii, A. reineckii, V. sprialis, B. japonica, B. australis, H. zosterifolia, C. beckettii, N. zenkeri 'Red', and a few mystery plants.
Inhabitants Rasbora Het. 'Gold' (25 and counting), Endler's Livebearers (15 and counting), Otos (5), Ember Tetras (3), Amano Shrimp (approx 20+), Cherry Shrimp (approx 30+), various snails and one old, lonely Cardinal Tetra.
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