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User jeremy93ls
Size 20 Long
Date Started September 2010
Lighting 4 24' T5 6500k custom/diy from Home Depot dual T5 fixtures. (tight fit in the All Glass cheapie hood)
Equipment Filstar XP1, Rena Smartheater
CO2 24oz paintball bottle conversion w/Aquatek regulator/solenoid, counter
Substrate AquariumPlants_dot_com 'Black Diamond'
Parameters what, I'm supposed to check that? ~30% R.O. water changes every few months. 70-72 degrees F
Fertilization just started Seachem Flourish after not dosing for about a year. thinking of trying osmocote pellets
Plants Red Ludwigia, Undulated Crypt, Red Flame Sword, Corkscrew Val, Anubias barteri, Lutea Crypt, Compact Corymbosa, Red Tiger Lotus, and more if i can remember the names..
Inhabitants 4 wittle fishies, 1 hitch-hiked ramshorn snail and thousands of malasian trumpet snails
Comments custom/diy cabinet because i just didn't like anything I saw anywhere else. dual T5 light bars are offset so light reaches both sides of the tank better.
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nice tank. looks great!
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