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User thefisherman
Size 20g long
Date Started 01 November 2011
Lighting Deep Blue 30" SX T5HO
Equipment Ehiem 2217
CO2 Gas injected
Substrate Eco-complete
Parameters pH 6.0, KH 2-3, 80 deg F
Fertilization dry ferts EI dosing
Plants mostly crypts
Inhabitants carinal tetra, black tetra, otto, kuhli loach and cories
Comments work in progress... from collectoritis to simplicity
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Algae Grower
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This will be wonderful when grown in!
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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leaa thank you for the kind words! :) definately a work in progress... cheers! :D
Algae Grower
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beautiful tank. I wish mine looked that good!
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