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User proaudio55
Size 72 gallon Bow front
Date Started December 2011
Lighting DIY, 3 stage CFL system (10 separate bulbs for 188 watts total) Stage 1: 4 watts of LED (8am - 10pm) Stage 2: 92 watts 2700K CFL (9am-9pm) Stage 3: 92 watts 6500K CFL (10am-8pm)
Equipment Aqueon 72 gallon bow front tank; drilled 3 times on back with 3/4" NPT bulkheads. Cascade 700 canister filter 3/4" flow accelerator Fluvial e300 heater full time use supplemental 150 watt for winter
CO2 20 lb steel CO2 cylinder -->cheap harbor freight welding regulator 40PSI --> compressed air regulator 5PSI --> coarse needle valve --> fine needle valve --> 5-50cc rotameter --> cheap Chinese ceramic diffuser.
Substrate 100 lbs fine / medium gravel on surface and 100 lbs pool filter sand on bottom
Parameters gh 7 deg kH 5-15 (enough to counter the CO2) Ph 6.8 Amonia 0 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0-10ppm Phosphorus 10ppm+
Fertilization Potassium Carbonate as needed to adjust the Ph Pond fertilizer tubes (clearance item from LFS) Flurish root tabs 1 package every few months Trace nutrient fertilizer if the Water Sprite looks wilted Potassium Nitrate if the NO3 tests 0ppm
Plants Nymphoides aquatica (banana plant) Vallensaria (various species / varieties) Dwarf hair grass Mellon sword Water sprite
Inhabitants Tiger barbs Lemon tetra Firemouth Flying fox
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