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User pejerrey
Size 16x16x26 inches
Date Started somewhere in mid 2004- Shrimp conversion 04/2012
Lighting Light is a Glo 24" with 2 tubes Live Glo 22" 24Watt T5 HO. 4" from the water surface and 17" from the substrate.
Equipment Fluval 204 w/DIY UGF ,sun sun 304b w/massive sponge, 200w heater, T5 glo light two 24" 24w tubes, digital termometer, CO2 tank, timers...
CO2 Tank with solenoid and timer. 24/7 1bp3s
Substrate akadama drl large and small grain
Parameters Ph 6.4 4-5dGH TDS 120 all others zero
Fertilization nothing
Plants Rotala Vietnam Rotala Mexicana Hydrocotl verticillata Hydrocharis dubia Utricularia sp. Cryptocorye wendtii tropica Lobelia cardinalis Duckweed frogbit
Inhabitants 25 CRS SS 12 OEBTs 12 CBS SSS
Comments Blanch spinach, ADA and Benibachi foods
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