Chrona 10 gallon - Your Tanks
User Chrona
Size 10 gallon
Date Started 2 / 15 / 2007 (Picture - 4/12/2007)
Lighting 28 watt 6700K compact fluorescent
Equipment Aquaclear 20 (older picture)
CO2 DIY CO2 w/ glass diffuser and drop checker
Substrate Flourite
Parameters pH - 6.4 Nitrates ~ 15 ppm
Fertilization EI dosing
Plants Marsilea sp. Pygmy chainsword Blyxa Japonica Ludwigia sp. Amazon Sword Water Wisteria Anubias Nana
Inhabitants Cardinal Tetras Gold Dust Molly fry Dwarf Gourami Oto Cats Ramshorn Snails.....
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