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User darkestsky
Size 65 gallon
Date Started 08-01-11
Lighting 2-26watt cfl bulbs
Equipment Fluval 205, with stainless steel flow pipes
CO2 Excel dosing
Substrate Eco complete and pea gravel
Fertilization Osmocoat in substrate bi monthly
Plants cryptocoryne wendtii,anubias nana petite,Hygrophila Polysperma "Sunset" ,Rotala macrandra,Cryptocoryne Balansae,Ceratophyllum demersum "Common Hornwort",Bolbitis heudelotii,Fissidens fontanus,Vesicularia dubyana "java moss", cryptocoryne usteriana,Anubias x. 'Frazeri',Dwarf Sagittaria,frogbit,Ludwigia Repens "Rubin".
Inhabitants Cherry barbs,pictus catfish, 2 mollies.
Comments This is a very new tank setup, so a lot of the cuttings look a little rough still. This is a Co2 free tank, hoping to have some nice fill in of the plants in the next couple of months.
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