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User squidsquiggle
Size 20 Gallon tall
Date Started September 2011
Lighting 1x 18w 6500k T8
Equipment Tetra Whisper 40 & 10
CO2 Hagen Natural with Ladder
Substrate Large Gravel
Parameters 74 deg, ph 7.4
Fertilization Root Tabs, Seachem Flourish Complete
Plants Subwasertang, Java Moss, Windelov Java Fern, Argentinian Sword, Frogbit
Inhabitants 7x Pearl Danios, pond/bladder snails
Comments The plants in here were all moved from the 36 gallon to save them from the goldfish, so they aren't very happy yet. Also, this was never meant to be a permanent tank, so the scaping is a little random right now.
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I love buddha in a tank.
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