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User squidsquiggle
Size 36 Gallon Bowfront
Date Started ~May 2009
Lighting 1x 24w 6500k T5HO bulb
Equipment 2x Penguin 200 Biowheel filters
CO2 2x DIY bottles, chopstick diffusers
Substrate Pool Filter Sand, River Rocks, Mopani Driftwood
Parameters 72 degrees, ph 7.4
Fertilization Root Tabs, Seachem Flourish Complete
Plants Anubias, Watersprite, Wisteria, Onion Plant, Pennywort, Argentinian Sword, mystery moss
Inhabitants 1x Ryukin Goldfish, ∞x pond/bladder snails
Comments Plants added only a few months ago. Please excuse the breeding net. I'm trying to grow out a handful of floating plants in the better lighting of this tank, and the goldfish keeps eating them. Update! Removed the fake plants and changed to pool filter sand. Onion plants not doing too well, but everything else is great.
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if that's a 36 gallon tank you have one mighty goldfish :O!
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She is pretty darn big! Almost 4 years old. :)
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Goldfish are social, so you may want to consider putting her in a larger tank with other goldies. That tank is gorgeous, though!
Gold Finger
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Nice to know ya Squid. Your fish is cool, and so's the tank. Way to go. People are so used to seeing stunted little goldfish. I have seen a moor almost a foot long. About the size of a smallish cat.
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Glad you like it, Puffer! Sadly, her tankmate passed away from a tumor a few months ago, and I'm waiting until I move to set up a 40 breeder for her and any new friends. Thanks, Gold Finger! Like I said, I was very excited to see your planted goldfish tank post. They tend to have such a bad reputation, I'm always glad to find other goldie enthusiasts.
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OMG i love how your tank looks so beautiful! Your Gold is nice and fat and looks in great shape, i all so love the rock with the plants on the left Great! 5/5
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