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Size 8 gallon bowfront
Date Started 31st May 2011
Lighting Aquazonic Super Bright T5 2 x 16W-1.5ft
Equipment Shiruba XB303 External Power Filter
CO2 None yet, DIY soon after the guppy fry grow up.
Substrate River sand above one layer of 2.4kg Sera Floredepot
Parameters pH 7.4, GH2, KH7, 80-85F
Fertilization Flourish Excel now and then
Plants Java Ferns, Unknown Crypts, Unknown Anubias, Java Fern "Windelov", Java Moss, Marselia Quadrifolia
Inhabitants 5 Cardinal Tetras 4 Kuhli Loaches 1 Pleco 1 Chinese Algae Eater 1 Flametail guppy 15-18 fancy guppy fry Lots of ramshorn snails Several Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Comments This was a rescued tank, pretty much all inhabitants except the snails were originally there. Plants, substrate and equipment were replaced.
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