djscotty 36 Gallon Bow Front - Your Tanks
User djscotty
Size 36 Gallon Bow Front
Date Started 11/05/2011
Lighting 2-30" Coralife T5NO
Equipment Aquaclear 70
CO2 Not as of yet, still deciding
Substrate Miracle Gro Organic Potting Mix Black Diamond Blasting Sand
Fertilization Future- Rootmedic Ultimate
Plants 3x Ambulia 6x Rotala Singapore 1x Ammania Senegalensis 3x Lidernia sp India 3x Limnophila sp 'mini' 3x Limnophila Vietnam 'mini' 3x Ludwigia x Arcuata 3x Ludwigia Lacustris 2x Red Myrio 3x Rotala Green 5x Rotala Colorata 2x Rotala Rotundifolia
Inhabitants 1- African Featherfin Tetras
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