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User flesxruoyxllik
Size 36x18x12 30 gallons
Date Started augest 20 2011
Lighting perfect-a-hood zoodmed max plant growth
Equipment tetra whisper 40i filter tetra whisper air pump up to 40 gallons
CO2 [censored] that
Substrate sand lighty mixed with tiny peebles
Parameters amonia...0 nitrates...0 nitrites...? high ph
Fertilization flourish excel
Plants hornwort, anacharis, 3 unknown
Inhabitants largemouth bass, brown bullhead, commen pleco, 1 crawfish, bunch of zebra muscles
Comments rocks, sand, and water from erie canal. hornwort anchored by pebbles ive been told they will root.
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erie canal as in central ny?
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goes across the whole state almost
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Yuz :P did you catch the largemouth and throw him it :P?
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