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User leeteekyung
Size 80x40x40cm
Date Started march 2011
Lighting 1x15watt
Equipment hanging filter only
CO2 none
Substrate black scoria
Fertilization liquid fertilizer once per week
Plants bacopa carolina, bacopa moneri, hydrilla, hornworth, green hygro, sunset hygro, E.tenellus, juncus repens, java fern, difformis, hair grass
Inhabitants black molly, neon tetra x8, red nose tetra x5, red cherry shrimps, ghost shrimps, pair of african dwarf frog
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Photo0517.jpg FROG.JPG
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:O Excellent growth with that lighting! Love the fish choice! :) Personally I think it needs one vibrant color to make it perfect!! Just a thought! Also I love the plants! Not overgrown and the choices are excellent!
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thanks byakuya, sure adding more color will be good, but im not using CO2 and the lighting is only 1x15watt, im affraid red colored plants wont thrieve there, thanks again for your comments hehe
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