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Fish Tank 001.JPG
User Byakuya
Size 20 Gallons
Date Started N/A
Lighting N/A
Equipment Heater: Filter:
CO2 DIY Paintball CO2 - Will add more specs.
Substrate Tetra Plant Complete Substrate - 2cm Black Aquarium Gravel - 7.5cm Shiny Metallic Silver Rocks - 10/15
Parameters ???
Fertilization Tetraplant Initial Sticks - Scattered TetraAqua NitrateMinus Pearls - Scattered
Plants Blyxa japonica - Curved Arc Hemianthus callitrichoides - Carpet in front
Inhabitants Will add fish after Nitrogen cycle and 6 weeks of having it planted.
Comments This will be my first planted tank and second overall tank! :D Super excited!
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Ignore the main picture for this tank! That is actually my 45 Gallon tank. I will probably start this tank this weekend so stay tuned! You can comment on the tank info to give me suggestions! Most of whats there is just for me as a notepad and for you to see what I will be buying to start this tank.
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