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User proaudio55
Size 46 gal bow front
Date Started ????
Lighting custom 3-stage CFL system
Equipment Cascade 700 filter, 300w heater, drilled back in 2 places
CO2 20lb bottle with cheap-o ceramic defuser
Substrate fine gravel
Parameters <20ppm nitrate, PH 6.6-7.0, Gh 7deg
Fertilization Keep nitrate around 5ppm, Phosphate is off the scale and I can't get it down, then I eyeball the other nutrients based up what the plants look like and any surface scum.
Plants Nymphoides aquatica, varity of vallensaria, mellon swords
Inhabitants Tiger barbs, lemon tetras, flying fox, frankenfish (gloFish)
Comments This tank was taken down in December 2011 to make room for my new 72 gal bow front.
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