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User samjpikey
Size 30 gallon
Date Started october 15th 2011
Lighting hagen t5glo over head lamp 1x24 watt bulb giesemann midday 6000k 20" above substrate with fair reflectors . 12v 24 led moonlight (new clip on tank fitting) with on/off sensor
Equipment fluval 205 external filter 600lph filled with bio max , bio rings, carbon and some alfagrog. 100 watt heater . internal filter 400lph-800lph
CO2 diy 2x 2 litre soda bottles 1changed weekly Diffused via int filter 1 bps
Substrate Mircale grow organic potting mix capped with black sand
Parameters Ph 7.6 temp 26 c 33% weekly water change photoperiod 8 hours a day
Fertilization EI
Plants java fern . java moss. junlge valis dwarf anubais. giant anubais. . lilaeopisis brasiliensis,, Glosso , amazon sword , saurirus cernuus few
Inhabitants 1x furry mouth pleco catfish . 7x grey tip tetras 2 x yellow barb tetras 2 x danios 2 x amano shrimp 1x 15 x RCS 1x blue gourami 2 x sword tail platy 2x sunset platy
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