ianmoede 55 Gallon - Your Tanks
User ianmoede
Size 55 Gallon
Date Started October 2006
Lighting Tek 4x54 baby, WHAT ELSE
Equipment Eheim XXXX Magnum HOT Hydor Inline heater
CO2 5 Lb CO2 cylinder Blueline regulator Inline reactor
Substrate ADA Aquasoil
Parameters Plants are growing, fish aren't dying? Who currs.
Fertilization EI
Plants Anubias, moss, crypts
Inhabitants ~30 Cardinals Trio of Rams ~10 Corydorus Zygatus 2 Pearl Gouramis Unknown Cherry Shramps Unkown amano Shramps
Profile Views 2759
Algae Grower
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very nice
jeremy in OR
Algae Grower
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I don't think this tank could be any better
Algae Grower
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this tank is lovely....its hard to believe the tank only 12" wide!...
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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lol.. shramps?
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VERY Serene looking setup!!! I could stare at that tank for hours!
Dan the Man
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Love it! That is an incredible piece of driftwood you've got there and it's covered perfectly.
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