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User U2Kent
Size 18 gallons
Date Started 9/14/2011
Lighting 2x24w T5HO Catalina
Equipment Eheim 2215 ETH-200w Hydor heater
CO2 no co2 yet
Substrate ADA Amazonia
Parameters PH 5.5 Temp 78f 0 hardness
Fertilization Flourish Excel Pfertz Micros Pfertz Nitrogen
Plants Rotala Wallichii Ludwigia Repens Hygrophila Difformis (wisteria)
Inhabitants 7x Rasbora Espei (porkchop) 3x Amano Shrimp 3x Otocinclus
Profile Views 933
Algae Grower
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You clearly spent money and put some effort in. As long as you are happy with it that's all that counts. Personally I think the driftwood looks forced and would rearrange it. I rearrange a tank once a week because I'm a perfectionist though (I have a bunch of tanks). Otherwise I like the tank.
Algae Grower
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Water forest. Like a spring in Fraggle Rock. Love it.
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