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User samjpikey
Size 30 gallon
Date Started 2011
Lighting hagen glo t5 dual over head lamp 2 x 24 watt giesemann midday giesemann aquaflora 24 LED 12 v moonlight ( 4 inch clip on box tube) with light on / off sensor
Equipment fluval 205 external filter containing alfr grog, bio max, bio rings and carbon.
CO2 nutrafin natural plant system diy
Substrate medium sized pea gravel tetra complete plant substrate
Parameters hard
Fertilization daily dosage seachem flourish / once a fortnight dosage of king brittish plant food
Plants jave farn giant anubais dwarf anubais jave moss echinodorus `rose` lilaeopsis brasiliensis
Inhabitants 2 x white spot pleco catfish 1 x spotted cory catfish 2 x malawi chichlids 1 x african chichlids 2x white and black moillies
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