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User silvawispa
Size 6'x2'x2' 165 gallon
Date Started 2007165 gallon
Lighting 4x35w daylight T5's 2x80W daylight T5's 1x 12W LED TMC aquagrow for evenings.
Equipment eheim 2215 eheim internal filter as powerhead
CO2 solenoid controlled regulator on fire extinguisher fed into main eheim through inlet. 3 bbls/sec
Substrate soil/vermiculite/sand 15:2:83 home brew
Parameters probably! ph 7ish nitrates enough for the plants to grow hardness? not a clue.
Fertilization daily dose 10ml flourish
Plants Amazon swords, anubias nana and coffeefolia, java windelov and straight, cryptocoyne, brown and green, cabomba, spiral val, pink stuff I've forgotten the name of and a monstrous crinum natans(?). Theres a couple of red leaved lillies in there too.
Inhabitants 30ish lemon tetras (I gave up counting after the 25th appeared) 7 coydoras julii, 6 siamese algae eaters, 3 dwarf blue rainbows and 3 angels.
Comments This is a minimal set-up cost tank using secondhand everything, including the hackjob stand made of loads of 4x4 beams! Growth is good, but not insane, and the tank produces enough excess to trade with the LFS for all foods, ferts and gubbins I need. (including the new pond I put in last year :) )
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Algae Grower
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hi, nice woods u have there. with those equipments i think u will also able to grow red or orange colored plants. good job.
Algae Grower
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Booya! Retarded looking tank, I have a 165 bow and know what a pain something that size is, props. This tank is a 5. Those of you with 10 gallon tanks would cry trying to make something this size work!
Planted Tank Guru
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I like your tank, it's a good size and has planty of plant material and a good size piece of wood, plus I like the natural/jungle style, I hate big tanks with 3 plants and a rock or just a small scape.
Algae Grower
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Thats a nice natural looking tank i live in hope
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Really nicely done - How hard is it to trim all that? How long did it take to set up?
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