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User Diesel3443
Size 140 gallons
Date Started 9/20/2011
Lighting 4X54w T5HO
Equipment Sump, Iwaki 40, 100w Titanium Heater, UV Sterilizer.
CO2 Nothing as of yet. Will add pressurized system around Jan 2012
Substrate Mix of River Sand and Play Sand
Fertilization Will be dry ferts EI, Seachem Flourish, Root Tabs
Plants Taxiphyllum ferriei (Weeping Moss) Brazillian Sword Cabomba furcata(Red Cabomba) Egeria densa Hygrophila difformis (Wisteria) Dwarf Bonsai Mayaca fluviatilis
Inhabitants 10 Zebra Danios 10 Cardinal Tetras 1 Panda Cory 9 Blood Fin Tetras 2 Koi Angels 1 Philippine Blue Angel
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Algae Grower
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Love the simplicity and the driftwood
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