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User cableguy69846
Size 2 gallon hex
Date Started 9-1-11
Lighting 15 watt 6500K CFL in a clamp fixture.
Equipment Tom Mini Internal Filter with spray bar attachment.
CO2 None.
Substrate Scott's premium potting soil capped with aquarium gravel.
Parameters Not sure.
Fertilization None.
Plants Bacopa, Hygro difformis, water sprite, Flame Moss, Java Moss, Hygro 'Tiger'
Inhabitants Couple of snails.
Comments This tank was a betta tank started in July of 2010. It was taken down late 2010 and set back up in June of 2011. It did not see water again until Sept. 2011.
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I'm looking into setting my tanks up again, I'd love to hear how well this tank is working out for you so far since it is around the same size and uses the same method I wanted to use. How far away do you keep the light? How many hours of light do the plants get? How often is the water changed? Very curious. It looks great and I hope it is doing well!
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