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User bgssamson
Size 10g
Date Started March 26, 2007
Lighting 2X 20 watts cf 6500k with Ah supply reflector.
Equipment AC mini
CO2 DIY yeast, sugar in a nano glass diffuser
Substrate Aqua Soil- Malaya (normal type). 2.5 inches deep in front 3-4 inches deep at the back.
Parameters Ammonia= 0 NitrIte= 0 NitrAte= 5 ph= 6.5 Kh= ? Gh=?
Fertilization fish poop
Plants HC, Java fern "windelov", Alternanthera reineckii, Blyxa Japonica, Cyperus Helferi, Pogostemon Helferi “Downoi", Anubias nana "Petite", Cryptocoryne Bekettii “petchii", Hemigraphis Traian, Creeping Jenny, Dwarf Hairgrass.
Inhabitants Galaxy Rasboras, Cherry Shrimps, Nerite Snails, Bee Shrimps
Comments Tank addition: Porous Mossy Rocks (from CA), manzanita wood, african wood
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The undulating supstrate is $
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