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User pgtanks
Size 10 gallons
Date Started early 2006
Lighting Currently lit by a 15watt floraglo bulb
Equipment an aquaclear 20, no heater
CO2 Hagen DIY CO2 with ladder
Substrate :D pond soil mixed with cat litter covered with fine ~2mm gravel
Parameters I'll have to check but pH~7.6 hard water as well,
Fertilization none
Plants hygrophylia polysperma, java fern, java moss, cryptocorne wendtii "brown", 3 or 4 other assorted crypts, pennywort, riccia, ludwigia glandulosa, bacopa, canadian pond weed
Inhabitants 3 golden honey gourami, 3 ottos, 3 yellow killies(?)
Comments This is my first planted tank, the picture is a few months old
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