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reduced to 15%, happy dojos in 65-gallon, midwater swim.jpg
User Aquamom
Size 65-gallon coldwater
Date Started July, 2011
Lighting fluorescent strip in hood resting on versa-top
Equipment 2 AquaClear 110 hobs; external stick-on thermometer
CO2 none
Substrate black and blue pea gravel
Parameters ammonia, 0; nitrite 0; nitrates, 10 ppm; pH, 7.5
Fertilization no outside ferts, plants absorb nitrates in tank
Plants one very tall Anubias, several marimo mossballs, floating hornwort and anacharis. Plan to add java ferns soon.
Inhabitants 4 very happy dojo loaches; 6 rosy barbs; 7 blue glofish danios; one large calico shubunkin; 1 small and plain comet; 4 coldwater snails
Comments I created this original collage for background.
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reduced to 15%, happy dojo in 65 with shubunkin, barbs.jpg reduced to 15&, 65-gallon, dojo, shubunkin, rosy barb in lush aquascaping.jpg
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good job aquamom, keep the spirit up :-bd
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Thank you! I'm really enjoying this tank. Just added another little dojo loach yesterday. Pretty soon, he'll be as spoiled as the rest of them (and as fat!)
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