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Photo0288 copy.jpg
User leeteekyung
Size 80x40x40
Date Started march 2011
Lighting 1x15watts T5
Equipment hanging filter only
CO2 none
Substrate natural sand
Fertilization liquid ferltz once per week
Plants hygro sunset, bacopa, tenellus, hydrilla, amazon sword, valisneria, cabomba, difformis
Inhabitants 2x african dwarf frogs, 1x betta splenders, 20x neon tetras, many mollies and platies
Comments after rescape (again). the best part is my beautifull betta could adept there, no one nipps him until now. can u see Mr. Frog there? hehe
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Planted Member
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Very nice aquascape!
Algae Grower
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thanks aquamom, how do i browse ur tanks?
sarah the mermaid
Junior Member
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Its really professional looking, but what on earth is the frog doing!?
Algae Grower
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its just ordinary aquascape sarah, thanks anyway. that is one of my african dwarf frogs, he likes to swims to the surface and waiting for some food :))
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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it looks soo nice, are you going to grow it out thick? cheers!
Algae Grower
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yes it was growing thick, now the scape is gone, i rescaped my tank again so many time, thanks fisherman :)
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