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User gy960
Size 60cm (L) x 30cm (H) 36cm (W)
Date Started 3 June 2013
Lighting Aquazonic T5ho 1x 24w
Equipment Eheim classic 150
Substrate H.E.L.P Plant soil, ADA Amazonia, ANS Planta soil, Gravel, Silica Sand
Fertilization Calcium nitrate, Seachem equilibrium
Plants Crispy Wave fern, Cryptanthus, Staurogyne, Water sprite, Echinodorus, Hydrocotyl, Christmas moss, Star moss, Riccia, Downoi, Mondo grass, Cryptocoryne Wendtii, Amazon frogbit
Inhabitants Ember tetras, Cory habrosus, Otocinclus, Fire red shrimp
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Absolutely gorgeous. An inspiration for us all. We commend you:
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