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User lillou
Size 220 Gallons
Date Started 3/23/2007
Lighting 4- 80 watt T5HO giesemann 6500K
Equipment 36 Watt UV Wet/ dry with 1000 GPH turnover Heater controller w/ 700 W of heaters attached
CO2 20 lb tank Milwaukee regulator and controller DIY style inline reactor
Substrate Sandy beach up front (Estes coarse sand) ADA powersand special ADA aquasoil
Parameters pH 5.5 KH 1 GH 2
Fertilization PPS-PRO method 20ml solution #1, #2 daily
Plants Coming soon. On order Have to see what I want to salvage from old tank.
Inhabitants Coming after plants. Likely 36 Rummynose Tetra, 12-15 Discus, 24 Cories.
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