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User Bree
Size 5 Gallons.
Date Started July 2011
Lighting None. Maybe a bit of sunlight from the window behind it.
Equipment 50 watt tetra heater, 5-15 gallon tetra HOB filter.
CO2 None.
Substrate Natural gravel from Lake.
Parameters N/A
Fertilization Couple drops of Flourish comprehensive every week or so.
Plants Java fern, moneywort, java Moss, Crypt wendii, salvinia Natans to float.
Inhabitants My beautiful Crowntail Betta and a few pond snails.
Comments I set this up really fast from extra plants that i had floating around, some driftwood and gravel i picked up from the beach as well as a heater i collected from a garage sale and extra cheap filter. I de rimed the top of this tank and threw it all together. Total cost was around $30. ^^ Now i am just waiting for the plants to grow in, and then i will be collecting some more java moss for a carpet.
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nice mossage
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Now thats a cheap but beautiful tank!
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I really like the look so far. The arrangement of the driftwood is very delicate. =)
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