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User stonedaquarium
Size 10 GAL
Date Started July 2011
Lighting 6500 K T5 HO
Equipment Aquaclear HOB filter and elite 25W heater
CO2 DIY Paintball Co2 retrofitted with a fluval bubble counter and ceramic diffuser
Substrate ADA amazonia II
Parameters NH4 = 0 NO3 = 5ppm PO4 = 2ppm PH = 6.5 to 6.8
Fertilization EI dosing Macro 3 x a week EI dosing Micro (CSM +B & Seachem Iron) 3x a week. 50% WC once a week
Plants Star grass glosso Java moss Tonina Belem Crypt lucens Dwarf hair grass
Inhabitants RCS and 4 AManos
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Lovely! :-)
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what is the grass like plant at the front?
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trixta... the plant for the foreground is a riccia ball ( by the sand before the rock) and glosso along with some dwarf hair grass behind the tonina belem. background plants are stargrass and ammania sp bonsai.
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very nice :) and so green ;)
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