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User Aquamom
Size 65-gallon, Aqueon coldwater
Date Started July, 2011
Lighting Standard strip light over versa-top
Equipment 2 Aquaclear 110 hobs. One stick-on-the-outside thermometer
CO2 none
Substrate black and blue pea gravel
Parameters ammonia: 0, nitrites 0, nitrates 5ppm, pH 7.5
Fertilization plants absorb nitrates in tank
Plants Live plants: One tall Anubias, several marimo mossballs, floating hornwort and anacharis; all other plants are artificial.
Inhabitants 1 6-inch shubunkin goldfish, 1 2-inch comet, 6 rosy barbs, 3 blue glofish danios, 4 dojo loaches, 5 coldwater snails
Comments Background is an original collage that I created. Picture shown here is my latest aquascaping as of August 21st, 2011
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